Hello, My name is Mike Geig and I am a Trainer for Unity Technologies.

This site is dedicated to the art of game development. Here you will find many tutorials and tools to help you on your personal learning journey.

Want to Learn Unity?

Check out these awesome resources.

STY: Unity Game Development

A book I wrote for Pearson Publishing which covers the basics of Unity game development in 24 hour-long lessons.

Unity Essentials Live Lessons

If videos are more your thing, here is a series of video lessons I produced for Pearson Publishing available on Safari Books Online

Unity Learn Site

As a member of Unity Technologies, I make high-quality and up-to-date video content on their site for free!

Recent blog posts.

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(Sorry for the potato quality of the audio recording, Mike’s traveling) It’s that glorious time again! Welcome to Mikes’ Video Game Podcast episode 3 – or just E3 for short. In this episode we explore the luxury that is modern technology. We...

Mikes’ Video Game Podcast ep 2

Welcome back you gluttons-for-punishment. It’s time for Episode 2: Revenge of the Episode! In this episode we deep dive into Mikes’ deep psychological issues. We also talk about: Why make a podcast? Oni clarification (and heartfelt monologue by Mike) Halo:...

Mikes’ Video Game Podcast ep 1

Welcome to Mikes’ Video Game Podcast. This show features Mike Wu and myself (Mike Geig) talking about video games, the video game industry, and the process of designing and developing games in general. This is our very first episode, so we hope you enjoy. The...