Hello, My name is Mike Geig and I am a Trainer for Unity Technologies.

This site is dedicated to the art of game development. Here you will find many tutorials and tools to help you on your personal learning journey.

Want to Learn Unity?

Check out these awesome resources.

STY: Unity Game Development

A book I wrote for Pearson Publishing which covers the basics of Unity game development in 24 hour-long lessons.

Unity Essentials Live Lessons

If videos are more your thing, here is a series of video lessons I produced for Pearson Publishing available on Safari Books Online

Unity Learn Site

As a member of Unity Technologies, I make high-quality and up-to-date video content on their site for free!

Recent blog posts.

Building a Better Shooter in Unity

Today I recorded a live session on Twitch (my channel is Twitch.tv/mikeunity) on the topic of building a First Person Shooter in a more advanced way. The concept was the composite a scene using two cameras to make sure our gun’s aim is never off. The result is a...

Pucker Up Princess

So I have recently been re-watching the old (and terrible) Legend of Zelda cartoon with my son, Link (yep). It’s fun to remember how much I loved this show as a kid, and then witness in horror what it was really like. The thing that keeps striking out at me now...

Flappy Clone

Howdy everyone. We all remember Flappy Bird, right? Well I have finally gotten around to making a clone of it. This isn’t it’s final form, but I figured it was good enough to toss up on my website. Art by Peet Lee. Enjoy! Click here to...