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Conway is a game that was made for Summer Game Jam 2013 in 48 hours.

Mike Geig

Design / Development

Philip Hedayatnia


The Concept – The game is a 2D / 3D platformer based on Conway’s Game of Life. The player must jump from platform to platform without falling.

Technical Details – The entire world rotates on a large cylinder. The game was made with Unity. Art assets were made with Blender. Audio assets were made with Garage Band (I think).  Gameplay is programmatically generated and therefore level design was very simple.

Gameplay – That player can only move left and right (really it is the world moving, not the player) using the AD or arrow keys. The player can jump with the space bar (double jump as well). Holding the shift key allows the player to sprint. Blocks that are about to die turn orange while blocks that will appear soon appear green. The player can get stuck in blocks. This can both help or hurt depending on your situation.

Aesthetic – This game appears very “Tron-ish” (We even used the Tron font), but we felt that the look greatly accentuated the gameplay and audio. Speaking of audio, crank it to 11. I find myself listening to the music from this game even when not playing. It’s pretty darn good.

The Bottom Line – Conway is, in my opinion, an incredibly polished game (not just for a game jam game). The gameplay is addicting and the elements are very tight. Hopefully you have as much fun playing it as we had creating it.

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