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Renegade X: Black Dawn

Renegade X – Pre-Release Trailer – Mod DB
If you remember Command and Conquer: Renegade from back in 2005 then listen up! Renegade X: Black Dawn is a project developed by Totem Arts to be a spiritual successor (and sequel) to the previous game. I had the pleasure of joining the Totem Arts team and helping to bring this game to completion. To date, Renegade X: Black Dawn was featured on Epic’s UDK website, has won several awards (see below), and crashed several servers due to traffic on launch day. Currently, planning is underway for a multiplayer launch which is going to rock your socks off!

Renegade X: Black Dawn website can be found here

The game can be downloaded here.

Here are the awards for the game so far (may be a little out of date)