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Game Development with Unity 4

Hello everyone, in March of 2013 I developed a video series on the Unity 4 engine for InformIT and Pearson Publishing. The video series contains over 5 hours of content for those new to game development or just new to Unity. There are two ways to acquire the videos: You can purchase them from InformIT (link here) or you can watch them on Safari Books Online (link here).


I was lucky enough to have these videos professionally developed, so they ended up being really high quality. I was super impressed with the whole process. If you are looking to learn how to make games with the Unity engine, I encourage you to check them out. Listed below is the table of contents for the videos. Each lesson is composed of several smaller lessons:


Lesson 1: Introduction to Unity 4

Lesson 2: Building Terrain in Unity

Lesson 3: Learning to Use Game Objects

Lesson 4: Detecting Collisions

Lesson 5: Introduction to Unity Scripting

Lesson 6: Mobile Development with Unity 4

Lesson 7: Building Our First Game