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Edit: Right after I posted this, SOPA got shut down. Man, didn’t know I had this much influence ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, one more to go. Stop PIPA!


Hello Everyone, I just wanted to post this here for everyone’s education. There is something moving through the government right now called SOPA. As someone who is into technology and the internet (as are you I am sure), this seems like a crazy irresponsible example of private money influencing the minds of the people who have the power to royally screw us all. Of course, it takes the voices of a lot of people to shake the dollar signs from the eyes of politicians.

I am generally a person who stays out of all things political. Usually, I just don’t care. This is different though. This feels so incredibly stupid, that I am amazed that it has lasted long enough for me to even want to write a post about it. Some people have summed up this SOPA (and the sister bill PIPA) much better than I ever could. You can learn more here.

In the words of Aragorn, true king of Gondor, “Bring him down, Legolas kill him!”

Only, by “Legolas” I mean all of us, and by “him” I mean SOPA, and by “Bring him down… kill him” I mean shed a light of reason and freedom on this obvious attack on human rights. Do you want to be the one to go against a direct order from Aragorn? I don’t think so. He decapitates people. I have seen it.

But seriously, SOPA is stupid. Let’s end it. Go here: http://americancensorship.org/